NetAi Platform – Microservices Based Architecture

The disruption due to Digital Transformation, Hybrid Multi Cloud Infrastructure has resulted in a massive change in networks, traffic patterns which break legacy silo networking tools. NetAI understands todays challenges faced by Network Operations and the increasing important role. NetAi is designed to be proactive by focussing on early warning signals and taking corrective action before customer impact. NetAi is founded by ex Google, Verizon and SunMicrosystem Network Engineers and Architects who have actual experience in Network Engineering and know the benefits of reactive vs proactive approaches. We understand networks, machine learning and how to build tools for Network Engineers, built by network engineers. The result is a highly automated end to end platform that is designed to be customized for every service providers secret sauce in a highly competitive industry.

The foundation of NetAi are the Anomaly Detection, Root Cause and Automated Runbook workflows. NetAi claim to have the most accurate anomaly detection algorithm in the industry and the most accurate Root Cause algorithm in the industry that is able to process early warning signals that materially impact user network experience and find the root cause and automate corrective action. We invite you to review our peer reviewed technical publications to learn more about our underlying technologies.