How are ISPs, ASPs and Enterprises gaining competitive advantage by weaponizing AI in Network Operations?

Optimizing Customer Network Experience and Network Operations using Machine Learning and Automation

Net Ai Features

Intent Based  Network Operations

  • Next Generation AIOps
  • Integrated Closed Loop Automation
  • Self Healing Network to Gurantee Digital Transformation Services Connectivity
  • Reduce Time to Detect, Diagnose and Repair Network Issues


  • Proactive Context Aware Anomaly Detection before Customer Impact
  • Actionable Root Cause Identification based on cutting edge Machine Learning Approaches
  • Runbook Automation with Human Intervention

Runbook Automation

  • Reduce Toil
  • Automate Corrective Action based on Root Cause Determination
  • Human Intervention
  • Increase Productivity¬†
  • NSWE Integration with existing systems

Digital Transformation, Multi Hybrid Cloud, Web 3.0 are fundamentally outgrowing Legacy Network Monitoring Tools. NetAi Designed by Network Data Scientists is Designed from the Ground Up to Address new Challenges = No Technical Debt.

Internet Service Providers

Managed Service Providers


Application Service Providers

Next Generation of Complete Integrated Network and Services Operations Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, Root Cause Determination & Runbook Automation

What Our Clients Say about NetAi

I am the VP of Aerloop communication. We are based in Mumbai. We operate in Maharashtra and Goa. We are looking to expand into ours as well. I would like to thank NetAnalytics who has helped us tremendously in network monitoring where we are lacking. We were using many open sources and those were multiple software and had a lot of issues getting combined.

Then Netanalytics came up with the solution where they bought all the networking tools for monitoring into a single brand itself. Technologically help us in pinpointing the locations or pop so it also helped sales guys to know the feasibility of the pop where they are and to pick up orders faster. We are also integrated with slack which is a tremendous help in improving quality. I would like to congratulate NetAnalytics so they do much more better in the future.

Mr. John Baptist Castellino


Our company was facing certain issues with the present network monitoring system wherein we were not able to get port level monitoring and bandwidth level monitoring for the customers. NetAi NMS provided us the above features and apart from this they have the Machine Learning based root cause analysis and anomaly detection which no other NMS has .

We immediately placed our order for NetAi NMS and we are very happy with the services from NetAnalytics LLC and Wish them all the Best !

Mr. Perbjyot Singh Manjit Singh Wariah


NetAi NMS has revolutionized our company’s network monitoring capabilities. With their cutting-edge features, including comprehensive port level and bandwidth level monitoring for our customers, we now have unparalleled visibility into our network performance. The machine learning-based root cause analysis and anomaly detection offered by NetAi NMS have been a game-changer, allowing us to proactively identify and address issues before they become critical.

We were quick to place an order and have been thrilled with the exceptional services provided by NetAnalytics LLC. We highly recommend NetAi NMS and extend our best wishes to the team at NetAnalytics LLC for their continued success!

Mr. Santosh Jayasawal

MD,Delix Net Solutions Pvt Ltd