Automated Multi Layer Network Discovery

NetAi Discovery  engine uses a range to discover every network element on the network – Automatically. Wire tracing, port mapping, and reverse engineering network connections based on VLAN or IP assignments are not scalable. NetAi automates network discovery that provides multi layer complete network inventory, topology  and on a continuous basis so that you can go back in history to understand structural changes in the topology to gain deeper understanding and insights to what is exactly going on in your  network.  and control—and it keeps all of your data up to speed as the network evolves so you don’t have to.

Discover Your Network

With NetAi, discover your device in a map and know the real time details of the device along with it’s topology. Know what’s on your network and how it’s all connected in real time

Device Details

NetAi’s automated inventory detects and captures comprehensive details for every device on the network, including brand and model, serial number, IP address, and the physical switchport to which the device is connected, using network protocols. If you know the device you’re looking for but aren’t sure where it is, you can simply discover it and any other devices to which it is linked.

 Device  Drill down gives you deep insights on health