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how cloud based network monitoring is the next avenue to monior infrastructure

Many industries are now moving towards relying on cloud based services to expand, adapt, automate and confront the dynamic issues to aid their business operations and run on competitive spirit by using new age technology.

Network monitoring is a critical tool for ensuring the performance and availability of our servers and network as a whole. Cloud computing, on the other hand, pushes us to reconsider our traditional approach to application and network management. We no longer have a specific number of assets that must be operational at all times and perform to their maximum potential. Instead, we have on-demand computing, in which resource requirements and capabilities fluctuate according to demand.


Traditional Network Monitoring

Network and application monitoring in a traditional network setup focuses mostly on the network and server infrastructure’s availability and performance. Network equipment (routers, switches, and firewalls) are typically monitored using a network management system (NMS), which collects performance statistics via standard protocols such as SNMP, ICMP, and WMI. Network device discovery and mapping, network device performance monitoring, real-time intelligent alerting and reporting, application monitoring, and many other features that assist the IT expert in monitoring and managing the performance of their network are common features of advanced management systems.

Cloud Based Network Monitoring

Additional key extensions are added if a cloud network is introduced: the performance of your ISP (WAN performance) and the performance of your cloud provider (and their ISP). Because your WAN link is the lifeline between you and your cloud provider, it’s critical that you keep an eye on it. However, simply monitoring WAN performance is insufficient; you must also comprehend your network traffic. You need to know who is using your network traffic, how much they are using, and what they are using it for in order to analyse the impact on the performance of business important apps and services.

In a cloud environment, network monitoring changes away from managing infrastructure and toward managing service availability and performance. As a result, one of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it not only outsources the supply of a scalable, enterprise-grade network, but it also eliminates the need to monitor and administer it.


Large network infrastructures can be relieved using cloud based network monitoring since it involves large amount of data and resources to be looked after properly.


To handle varying computational and network loads without impeding any activity


To confront dynamic changes of all the monitored entities, especially in terms of the expansion and contraction of networks, as virtual resources are created or removed.


To self-manage its distributed resources by automatically reacting to unpredictable changes.

Advantages Using NetAi