Our Team

CEO Dr. Deepak Kakadia (CEO)

Senior Technical Leadership in Networking and Machine Learning with academic and Industry experience at Google 8 yrs, Verozon 10 yrs and Sun Microsystems 11 yrs, 85 Patents, Author of 2 Technical Books, Multiple Paper Reviewed, Technical Journel Papers on Networking and Machine Learning.

Dharmendra Patel (VP Software Engineering)

Senior Technical Leadership in Software Engineering with over 15 years leading teams to deliver large complex software projects.

Our Advisors

Clark Masters

Former Senior Vice President of cloud Architecture & Engineering and CTO of Global Cloud Services at SAP, is recognized for building and loading technology and business organizations through challenging times to successful transitions.Beginning as mail clerk at NCR he systematically worked his way up the corporate ladder reaching senior positions, including in Fortune 200 high tech companies: Celerity Computing, Floating Point Systems, Cray Research and Sun Microsystems. His successful career has been attributed to his deep knowledge of systems and software technology coupled with his business instincts and inspiring leadership style. He is credited with facilitating one of the Forbes Top 10 Transformational Deals of the last 100 years (2000). Sun Microsystems purchase of Cray’s Unix Server business. He is an avid golfer and leades and active balanced life.

Scott Bradner

Scott Bradner is a senior figure in the area of Internet governance. He serves as the secretary to the Internet Society and was formerly a trustee. He was on the board of ARIN, the North American IP address registry. He has also held numerous senior leadership roles on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which develops Internet standards.[1] Until his retirement in July 2016, he was also University Technology Security Officer at Harvard University.

Dr. Kathleen Nichols

Kathleen Nichols is an American computer scientist and computer networking expert. Nichols is the founder and CEO of Pollere Inc. a network architecture and performance company based in California, US. Before founding Pollere, Nichols was VP of Network Science at Packet Design where she was part of the founding team. Prior to Packet Design she was director of advanced Internet architecture in the office of CTO at Cisco Systems.

Adam Frankl

Adam is a seasoned Startup Advisor renowned for his expertise in crafting exceptional Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, consistently achieving the transformation of startups from their nascent or stagnant stages to the esteemed status of Unicorns. Graduating from Princeton with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Adam initiated his career as an engineer, subsequently transitioning to marketing. His adept fusion of engineering insight with market dynamics has consistently translated into impactful sales outcomes.
With a career steeped in diverse experiences, Adam actively engages with top-tier startup accelerators and angel syndicates. His strategic acumen and proven success in guiding startups to Unicorn status underscore his commitment to driving innovation and success within the entrepreneurial landscape.